3DGE 2.1.0-Test3 DevBuilds (DRDTeam)

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3DGE 2.1.0-Test3 DevBuilds (DRDTeam)

#1 Post by Coraline » Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:56 pm

Please see this post - EDGE Devbuilds are hosted at DRDTeam, which means Win32 binaries
can be downloaded as we make updates and bugfixes. As always, 2.0.4 Final is considered the last
truly stable release, but 2.1.0's Devbuilds are superior in almost every way, minus the occasional
drops in stability:


--end snipplet--

Original post advertising 3DGE 2.1.0-Test 2 from August 22, 2016:

EDGE 2.1.0-Test2 is ready for download!

Download 2.1.0-Test2 here

Please read the changelog and browse through /docs if you encounter any issues or have questions.

Here's a copy of the Changelog:

    (August 2016)
    RELEASED 8.22.2016

    + Bug Fix: Fixed shifting animated sprites in THINGS.ddf (torches, barrells, etc)

    + Bug Fix: Inverted wall tiles in mirror were showing wrong previously, and item floating on player crouch

    + Bug Fix: Tile bug with certain wall textures, notable on 128x96 textures (patches and PNG/JPG/TGA)

    + Bug Fix: Verticle Attack Range (chainsaw/punch, etc) now being checked and calculated using slope float.

    + Bug Fix: grAb chunk for PNG sprites works properly now.
    https://github.com/3dfxdev/hyper3DGE/co ... a72c170442

    + Bug Fix: 3DGE now unloads level on level exit to stop SFX
    https://github.com/3dfxdev/hyper3DGE/co ... e1fdf8d2df

    + Bug Fix: 3DGE now warns the user if an image in DDF is missing, rather than exiting.

    + Bug Fix: fixed non-solid blend error/behavior for transparency.
    https://github.com/3dfxdev/hyper3DGE/co ... 7fe412ddb5

    + Bug Fix: Fixed Z Momentum clearing to fix jumping behavior
    https://github.com/3dfxdev/hyper3DGE/co ... c84187e470

    + Bug Fix: Icon of Sin Finale in DOOM II working again

    + Bug Fix: finales are now skippable in DOOM 1 episodes without the "black screen of death"
    https://github.com/3dfxdev/hyper3DGE/co ... 71d8511a4a

    + Bug Fix: Light-Amp Goggles/Nightvision graphics now show up properly in COAL_HUD.ec

    + Bug Fix: DOOM 1 episode end maps will skip intermission screen instead of displaying stats screen (Added STATS=NONE;)

    + Bug Fix: "Picked up a armor bonus" text changed to "Picked up an armour bonus" in DDFLANG (doom_ddf).

    + Bug Fix: SDL2 Resolution Handling/Window Management has been fixed

    + Bug Fix: Brightness changes on dual-monitor setups no longer affect both screens

    + Bug Fix: 'Use Key' moved to second control page (the previous way prevented reliable changes to major key assignments)

    + Bug Fix: Behavior of volume control buttons in previous SDL1 builds is now fixed and works properly with SDL2

    + Bug Fix: OPL3 mode fixes.

    + Bug Fix: Screen mode wipes correctly display in OPTIONS menu.

    + Bug Fix: Interpolation fixes, and VSYNC is restored in the OPTIONS menu.
    - If you use VSYNC, make sure its value is set to '2' or higher in the console, using the r_vsync CVAR.
    - Failing to do so will result in a poor framerate and a host of other issues.

    + Bug Fix: Archivile's attack range was previously Unlimited - added ATTACKRANGE=1024; to mimick Vanilla behavior instead.

    + Bug Fix: Mancubus was invulnerable to Chainsaw damage - changed ATTACKRANGE from 63.9 to 96 (same as punch/Vanilla)

    + New Menu: Multiplayer, with the option to start a split-screen game and some basic configurations for the game.
    - You must END GAME (leave game in OPTIONS menu) to reset the gamestate to one-player (for now...)

    + PAK support is mostly completed, and can be used for mods (must have .PAK extension, directory trees not yet supported)

    + NEW FEATURE: New -modpalette command, used to override PLAYPAL for modders who do not wish to use multiple palettes (the 'EDGE' system)

    + DDF: Added GLOOP_SOUND to Things.DDF (GLOOP_SOUND="DSGLOOP";) and in SOUNDS.DDF - it is played when the player steps on a liquid flat.

    + COMPATIBILITY: You must now specify #VERSION 210 to all DDF files in order to use them with 3DGE -- otherwise, you will be forced to run your
    mod with a new command-line switch -v135. If mods are made with EDGE 1.29 or lower, use the switch -v129.

    + Revised dynamic lighting, much more natural to their attached objects, and vastly reduced surface areas.

    + Heretic support has been vastly improved, but the full-screen overlay HUD still fails to take into account the different Heretic weapon offsets.
    + Heretic menus have been fixed as well. Numerous other small fixes for compatibility. No longer need 'HERFIX.wad'.
    + Two HUDS are now available - standard Heretic, and 3DGE's 'overlay'. Standard Heretic HUD still needs lifechain and lifegem fixes in coal_hud.ec

    + Heretic can now be started without using the batchfile. Heretic's DDF files are located in its own directory, called 'her_ddf'.

    + Staged Wolf3D and ROTT support with command-line args, and DARKWAR.WAD is recognized, but these are far from complete (don't try to load 'em!)

    + DDF's must now be appended with the following version directive: #VERSION 210, and if you load a mod that is designed for anything lower than 3DGE 1.36, a fatal crash will occur -- there is no reliable way to load very old mods (below EDGE 1.29), so they need to be manually patched!
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Re: 3DGE 1.36D Download!!

#2 Post by Coraline » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:02 pm

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Re: 3DGE 1.36D Download!!

#3 Post by Coraline » Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:55 pm

3DGE 1.36E is out!

This version supports Heretic!

Download here

Full changelog:

Code: Select all

3DGE 1.36E
(October 2013)

* Author note:
  I apologize for releasing so many versions of 1.36,
  the promised "huge" update for 1.37 is still in
  development and my recent newborn baby has eaten a lot
  of my time and I haven't been able to give 1.37 proper
  attention. This is why I'm releasing this now, so at least
  you all can get an idea on how 3DGE supports HERETIC.
  Special thanks to 3DGE contributor Chris "Ceejay" Mullen
  for writing the majority of the DDF code.
                                             -3DGE Team


++ Added HERETIC support, though it's still WIP. You can
   finish the game from start to end, but the inventory
   support is not implemented. To start:
  1) Unzip 1.36E into your Heretic directory.
  2) Create a shortcut to 1.36E.exe
  3) add the following: -file herfix.wad*
  * The Herfix.wad contains important state fixing for
    some of the weapons and creatures. These changes will
    eventually be integrated into edge2.wad.
  *!* If you unzip 1.36E into the same folder as DOOM.wad,
     you *MUST* specify which IWAD you want to use first.
     Use the -iwad parameter. Otherwise, 3DGE will try and
     load ALL of the data from HERETIC and DOOM together,
     which would probably lead to many problems. If you unzip
     this into a clean directory with only Heretic.wad, you
     do not need to use the IWAD parameter as 3DGE will
     pick this up automatically. As per usual, you must have
     a valid HERETIC IWAD.
      ++ IMPORTANT: you must rename the "doom_ddf" folder to
                    her_ddf and specify this in the shortcut
          when running HERETIC, ONLY IF YOU PLAN on
          keeping both DOOM.wad and HERETIC.wad in
          the same directory. Use the -ddf switch
          for this.
  + Two-player support also works here, though the
    input handling has NOT changed, but will be redone
   for 1.37.

  - HERETIC-specific CHEATS have not been implemented, so
    if you plan on using them, you must use the DOOM cheat
   strings. This will eventually be fixed. For instance, you
   cannot warp into a pig (chicken?) yet.
  - The HERETIC HUD is not implemented yet, so you will see
    lots of garbage data. I will be releasing a patch to
   Herfix.wad to address this in the following weeks.
  - The menus are garbled, so you must navigate carefully. Load
    up normal 3DGE+Doom to memorize the menu layout.
+ Took first steps in integrating the MAIN loop from the
  Dreamcast version, though you cannot run this version on
  the SEGA Dreamcast yet (use Dream3DGE 1.29 for that).
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Re: 3DGE 1.36E Download!! (scroll to bottom)

#4 Post by Coraline » Fri Jul 18, 2014 12:36 am

Special thanks for everyone in this thread for their persistence in 3DGE - it's great to see people who are willing to use it and have a good time with it!

From Changelog.txt
3DGE 1.36 Final (now available)
(July 2014)

* Author Note: Special thanks to the Zdoom forum members
for their invaluable bug reports and general interest. This
release is for you guys!

MAJOR Release!!
Also, as the name indicates, this is the last version of 1.36!

+ Executable: As per suggestion, this version executable is just named "3DGE.exe".

+ Feature: Two NEW Action Buttons (ACTION3 and ACTION4)!

+ Timidity: Packed-In GUS patchset makes Timidity instantly ready to use!

+ HUD/COAL: New Default HUD replaces the old BOOM-style one from DosDoom 0.653 (!!!)

+ Bugfix: Dehacked Strings now never run out of lines with intermission, etc.

+ Cosmetic: Options Drawer cleaned up, removed splitscreen controls menu (for now)

+ Cosmetic: disk-loading icon is now disabled by default (re-enable with m_diskicon).

+ Cosmetic: Game now lets player know in console and HUD when a game has been saved!

+ Cosmetic: 3DGE Console logo is now confined to console, Main Menus screen now clean!

+ Heretic: To Run Heretic, run HERETIC.BAT. This will append herfix.wad, HDF, and
the Heretic IWAD.

+ Updated General Documentation and Credits

The bigger bugs (markers and linedef issue) are currently being attended to and will be fixed by the next release! ;)

Please keep reporting bugs and showing interest, I'm glad everyone is participating as much as they have been!
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Re: 3DGE 2.0.0 Release!! (scroll to bottom)

#5 Post by Coraline » Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:30 pm

The next generation of 3DGE has landed!

From Changelog.txt
3DGE v2.0.0 (now available)

(March 2015)

+ Feature: Rendering Interpolation. You can control this with the following CVARS in the console:
r_lerp (disables/enables), r_maxfps, r_vsync (helps screen tearing)

+ Feature: MD5 model support (please see the 3DGE wiki for information on how to set this up)
-this is still sort of incomplete, as there is no MD5 support for weapons (yet)
-the MD5 loader cannot process skin_img yet, but the engine will warn you about the skins
+MD2 and MD3 models are still supported as of this release!

+ Bugfixes: Hardcoded fog removed, vSYNC works, splashscreen restored

+ DDF: Added SECRET_SOUND for a custom sound lump when the player discovers a secret. It is in edge2.wad as DSSECRET.

+ All changes/fixes from 1.36F incorporated

- The next version will include regulations that prevent older mods not designed for EDGE 1.35+
to fail, but with instructions on how to convert them to work with the 2.0 branch.
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Re: 3DGE 2.0.0 Release!! (scroll to bottom)

#6 Post by Anthony817 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:03 pm

Oh nice a new version! Been a while since I last tested it out. :D

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Re: 3DGE 2.0.2 Released!! (scroll to bottom)

#7 Post by Coraline » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:45 pm

RELEASED 8/31/2015

+ Finale screen bugfix: now, no more black screen when ending a DOOM 1 episode (currently non-skippable to match original game behavior)

+ DDF fixes: Chainsaw attack range was set incorrectly, now matches Punching logic; HOOF/METAL sfx audible again.

+ Further dehacked tweak to ignore duplicate entries in dehacked lump if it exists

+ Added Interpolation option under Video Options (default is ON).

+ Finally fixed the SSG appearing in DOOM 1 bug with IDFA/IDKFA cheat.

+ Toned down the red palette effect for pain to match Radiation Suit logic.

+ When the console is dropped down, the game now pauses.

+ When a screen wipe is called, the game will pause and start only after the screen is cleared.

- Invulnerability method was removed from the Video Options menu. The major slowdown issue that was caused because of backface culling has
been eliminated when "COMPLEX" was selected. Because of the chance of someone messing with it, Invulnerability has been removed from the menu -
it is *always* set to "Textured" now.

- Small tweaks here and there, updated edge2.wad, removed unnecessary warning strings from console, etc etc.
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Re: 3DGE 2.0.2 Released!! (scroll to bottom)

#8 Post by CeeJay » Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:49 am

Good job!

Are those all the changes/additions? I was kind of expecting more.

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Re: 3DGE 2.0.2 Released!! (scroll to bottom)

#9 Post by 3rd_3ye » Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:03 am

I'm guessing new features were held back in order to get a clean build first. On fb Coraline was talking seriously ready for dynamic shadows 2 days b4 the 2.0.2 release. Lots of hints about splines yesterday, have you noticed the camera spawning on the floor at map load? ;)
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Re: 3DGE 2.0.2 Released!! (scroll to bottom)

#10 Post by Sandstormer » Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:09 am

Great job, Coraline! Thanks for the hard work!

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