[Fixed] ACTIVATE_LINETYPE Teleports cause crash

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[Fixed] ACTIVATE_LINETYPE Teleports cause crash

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I was trying an old mod that makes extensive use of ACTIVATE_LINETYPE in RTS for numerous special effects: in EDGE (x64) 2.x it crashes as soon as this point in the script is reached.

However, I thought it might be just something wierd in that particular mod, but I just tried the demo-Multi.wad that ships with edge 1.35 and it also crashes when you try and teleport. To the right of where you start, under the water near the rocket launcher there is a teleport pad: as soon as you step on it Edge 2.x crashes in much the same way. This map also makes use of an activate_linetype in an RTS script.

Attached the demo-multi.wad:
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Re: [Fixed] ACTIVATE_LINETYPE Teleports cause crash

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\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ

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