Music you can listen to while working

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Music you can listen to while working

Post by basteagui »

this is a list of music i found doesn't distract you while you're coding something, doing research online or whipping up some art. might not work for everyone but i found some songs are better at this than others.
most of these are hard rock or mid 70's "heavy metal" (though not necesarily thrash metal)
which is the music i like the best.

for starters:

this whole album-

and this loong song from another of my favorite bands:

deep purple also works but i prefer this cover of one of their classic songs; stormbringer

i'll post another batch soon :P
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Re: Music you can listen to while working

Post by Corbachu »

Depending on the mood I'm in (since I have Bipolar disorder, lots of things affect me when factoring this), I can listen to a wide variety of stuff. Usually I have to change it up depending on my moods I get in to get me working. I'm constantly battling depression so sometimes I try and find music that changes the feeling of worthlessness.

I think you can guess the moods I get into by listening to a short sample of this. Haha!

When I need to snap out of it and do something:

If I'm feeling upset or angry:

A little electronic every once in awhile:

Of course, the DOOM soundtrack always gets me happy again:

Hair metal, like this, when I'm feeling depressed or something:

Instrumental stuff like this makes me feel worthwhile:

Another, when I'm feeling depressed:

@Bruno: nice music selection man!! That stuff gets me in the mood to work as well!
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