New Levels.ddf special: DLIGHTS

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New Levels.ddf special: DLIGHTS

Post by Lobo »

A new Special flag for Levels.ddf which allows us to turn OFF Dlights for a specific level.

I noticed that the major frame drop on map01 of Robotech FirstGen is due to the dlights, so if I could just deactivate them for this particular map then that would be quite handy. Bit selfish and very low piority I guess :)

Or perhaps a better way would be to somehow define certain dlights as optional: they only get used if you have an option set in the menus somewhere.

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[ACCEPTED]: New Levels.ddf special: DLIGHTS

Post by Corbachu »

I can do that. We already have global definitions to change the lighting levels, so this shouldn’t be too convoluted.
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