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Question about colormaps

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:41 pm
by Marscaleb
Does 3DGE actually use the colormap in a wad file?
Because when I'm playing, it looks like it uses a more natural fade to darken all the textures, taking advantage of 24-bit color depth to blend everything gently to black.

If it is not using it, then how do I create an effect of having a level fade to grey or another color? How can I create a custom screen effect for the invulnerability?
If it is using it, then just what exactly is the engine doing to smooth things out so nicely? I don't even see a color fade to grey when it is far away like vanilla Doom does.

And second to that, the color changes from the playerpal. Is the game actually consulting the playerpal or just applying a red tint? How could I go about changing the screen effect for the rad suit or for a new custom power-up?