3DGEB v0.1

This category is to discuss EDGE Builder, a custom version of DB2 to support only EDGE, including all of the up-to-date features of the engine. The current release is v0.1.
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Re: 3DGEB v0.1

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I am not exactly having the best of luck on my side. The SlimDX installer just keeps acting up and I'm unable to get it installed. It's like I am not meant to get 3DGE builder working. Shame, really wanted to see if I could get sliding doors working.

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Re: 3DGEB v0.1

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I don't suppose there would be any advantage to a 3dge version of Eureka? I mean, the 3dge format would probably be to similar to edge for a tailored version to be worth while, right? :roll: :oops:
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Re: 3DGEB v0.1

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I am planning on releasing v0.2 which is statically compiled and linked, maybe tonight or on Monday. It brings it up to date with GZDB while removing all Zdoom specific things (tailored to EDGE), while Julian also updated some configs and added more graphics :-)
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