3D Models: what is available?

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3D Models: what is available?

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I am considering switching to using primarily 3D models in my mod instead of sprites. With that in mind, there are a couple features I am wondering about. Do these features actually exist already, or are they possibly soon to be added?

The first thing I'd like to do is have the weapon a character is holding be changed out for another weapon, so you can see what weapon someone has by looking at them, rather than waiting for them to fire.

The second thing I'd like to do is have blood (or other particles) squirt out of a specific spot on a model.

Both of these are probably related. They both would operate under the idea of attaching an object to a specific bone in an MD5 model. (Or maybe a specific vertex in an MD3? Not sure it that's how you would do it without a skeleton.) In both cases it is just attaching an object to a desired point on the mesh. In one case that object is a simple mesh, in the other case that object is spawning blood particles.

A third thing I'm wondering about is if we can change an animation according to to the character's velocity. Specifically, I am thinking multiplayer matches would look weird if a player was playing a "walk forward" animation any time they move. Strafing sideways or walking backward should use different animations. Fundamentally it could just check the player's velocity relative to their angle, and when it calls the walking animation it swaps out for a different animation depending upon those results.

And while we're on the subject, turning speed. I'm fairly certain this one doesn't exist in 3dge, but I might as well make sure. Is there any way to set the turning speed of a monster to be anything less than instant? It makes polygonal creatures look a bit more natural.

So... Do any of these features exist already? And if so, how do I use them?

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