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AEM: Aliens EDGE Mod

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 2:30 pm
by Lobo
Aliens mod for EDGE, with low effort mapset included to show off the new stuff.

Enemies are tough, and ammo will be limited at the beginning: you start off with an automated sentry gun which can be deployed and picked up again at any time, and is a life-saver on several occasions. In fact there will be times were you are a goner without it.


Remember that your starting weapon (pistol) has a flashlight so you may need to switch back and forth a lot. Also, you have a supply of flares for lighting up areas or simply marking routes.


Aliens have acid blood: remember that before shooting one point blank in the face with a shotgun!

Just the wads version (load order is D3tex.wad, AEM.wad, AEM_Mapset.wad):
Grab It Here

p.s. I don't need any feedback about the maps themselves since they are just quick and dirty with numerous issues.