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[UDMF] Linked Portal Test

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:19 pm
by Rachael
This is the famous portals.wad converted to UDMF format, designed to (eventually) work in all 3 major ports (ZDoom, Eternity, and 3DGE). While I don't think it will work in 3DGE right this moment (and Eternity will refuse to load it), I do think it can be used to test at least one of 3DGE's basic features.

I obtained permission from esselfortium before converting this map.

Here's a video of this map in action:


esselfortium - Original portals.wad designed to work in Eternity
Marisa Heit + Christoph Oelckers - "dumpmap" ccmd from older versions of ZDoom, used to convert the map to Hexen format
Pascal van der Heiden + MaxED + contributors - GZDoomBuilder - which was used to convert the map to UDMF format
(As a note, this version contains additional void sectors which are designed for ZDoom compatibility)
(64.67 KiB) Downloaded 302 times