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Re: 3DGE64 [WIP]

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 3:29 pm
by taufan99
VVL on Doomworld posted a working mirror of this mod.

Re: 3DGE64 [WIP]

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 8:56 am
I appreciate the interest in everyone keeping up with these old versions - there are vast significant changes in the newer version to help improve framerates and make DDF code easier to run. One of those things being:

Proper flames for torches: they no longer SPAWN things over and over. Torch things now require a player to be in their POINT OF VIEW and ATTACKRANGE for the torches to start the fire.

Better Palette Usage: previous versions used a palette from Super Doom 64 which can make certain sprites appear muddy and too dark.

PNG Sprite Inclusion: Enemies, items, decorations and weapons have PNG extensions now.

Proper Enemy Scaling: enemies appeared too big or too small. Now there should be a better arrangement of scaling for enemies - including the Cyberdemon

Split Screen/Deathmatch is scrapped in favor of Custom PVE modes: no more fiddling with that. Skirmish/Invasion is where its at.

All we are waiting for on my end as far as EDGE64 are the levels. If you are interested in playtesting the maps, please sign up here. I will require player updates on discord, via PM or you can report bugs in this thread. Its 2020 and time to get this out folks!

Re: 3DGE64 [WIP] 90% Completion

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2022 11:43 am
Project has been updated on Page 1!