HellSwarm! extreme pre-wip!

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HellSwarm! extreme pre-wip!

Postby 3rd_3ye » Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:41 am

Not necessarily an 3DGE project, but that's where I'd like to see it.

A modification to doom2, and a true sequel.

Concepts by Winston Branyon

Quicky desciption, public:

Hellswarm is an ego shooter that takes place on the moon. It's meant as a true doom2 sequel as opposed to a re-imaging. It’s basically Damage Incorporated in space. Like the old blizard/wizard works shooter from 95, player must depend on cooperative bots to fight through the overrun levels of a secret scientific base. Player and friendly NPCs must carefully monitor power levels, conserve ammo, repair/activate the base's power supply, always progressing towards the main reactor level, the bottom level of the base.
Although initially told there were no survivors at Vista Nova the ghostly apparitions helping along the way indicate otherwise. It also appears that the automorphs are building a new teleporter; one that will undoubtedly re-open the gateway and allowing the demon swarms of 60 years ago to return.

Automorph- The main enemy. A spider like armored creature with a human face, Automorphs are genetic chimeras derived from demon, human, and extinct alien DNA, with a healthy dose of cybernetic ad-ons to help them survive the rigors of vaccuum. Starting out as drones were developed to explore planets and asteroids without the need for a pressure suit (they make there own oxygen). In time these intelligent workers learned of their true demonic origin, causing the take over. Automorphs are eager to meet there biological parents. Don't let them. They are armed with some sort of anti plasma rail gun. Players/NPCs without shields will die in one hit, dissolving into a human shaped energy cloud as they scream.

WarDrone- What can we say? The Marines were packin'. The drones are hovering bots firing light machine-gun rounds, and can fire rockets if outside. They have some armor and can take a few hits, so bring your big guns to bare.. When one of these is at more than .50 damage, it may luanch a fly-mine.

Fly-mine- fast search mine that attaches to nearest victim. self destructs in 6 seconds , damage equal to a barrel in doom.

Humanoid enemies

(Most of these will have pressure suits similar to what player/NPCs wear. The model will have a damage skin of a shattered face plate with an evil eyed skull behind the the mostly blown out glass. Some humanoid enemies will have no helmets on their pressure suit or have one that's already damaged.

Infekted soldier- The marines were sent in before anyone called you and your special ops folks. They didn't win. Now hundreds of well armed infantry are under the control of the Automorphs. Treat them with extreme hostility. Usually armed with a 12-90 auto rifle, sometimes the Q7 granade/pepper gun

shotgun minicannon- fires standard shotty rounds with equivalent spread , 1 shot every .5 seconds. This minigun rotates constantly(no spin up) so it draws on batteries even when not fired.

Ingram 12-90 auto rifle

UAC Q7 GP. (granade/pepper gun) Pump action shotgun with granade launcher

221. Ruagar auto pistol.

AA smart mine- can tell difference between friend and foe. minor damage.

type 4A "room cleaner" mine- fires like a rocket/ mortar to stick to enemies or walls. Area weapon sends out death pulse after 10 sec. that destroys everything destructible within given range. Player has to be able to outrun damage wave in about 7sec.

medreeps (medical/ repair unit) Small computer interfaces with NPC's/ Players onboard suit computer to determine the type of nanite repair needed. This is an item with a score”ammo” count, player can pick these up without using them and can even 'share” health repair points with damaged bots (bots can do same?)

medreep station- built into various walls within the station, these units must have power to operate, and will not work until power is restored to that level.


The suits are to remain on because as most of the base is depressurized. even areas that are not can be if the enemy likes to set a traps. That means a damaged suit will leak air (drowning). Suits are compartmentalized 9like a run-flat tire) and have selfsealent built into there linings so a little damage is expected. Still the suit's safety system can be overwhelmed so a damaged player/NPC needs to get help or find a medreep station with power or use the medreep points that they've stored. Another player's NPC's points can be used if high enough to repair damage. Death by air loss is slow (1 point every 15 sec?) as a suit's automatic systems will try to isolate damaged area.

Player will command a squad of special operatives through the base. These NPCs should individually have the ability to guard an area, follow player, dodge (sidestep) enemy fire, retreat if more than .90 damaged. They will have all weapons representative of their class. Player has to have the ability to monitor NPCs health level and power supply. Player should have ability to make group commands with a drop down window or the automap (exp. all follow, all guard).
Chatter, NPC's will have warning messeges, statements reflecting health/power status, and have humor messeges.

Classes -
heavy combat op.(slow, extremely well armed and armored, ) suit regenerates health to 0.75. Has suit with 300 power points
Light combat op. (fast, can open damaged doors, weak shields/weapons) suit regenerates health to 0.50. suit has 200 power points fully charged.
(please note that a suit without power cannot regenerate health)

Base will have 12-16 levels, large, interconnected by hubs (elevators). Sometimes progress will require a return to surface.

This is open to any engine as long as credit is given to TDGmods.
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