Various Features Suggestions

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Various Features Suggestions

Postby Karnizero » Sat 13 Feb 2010 5:43 pm

Suggestion 1: Differenciation for Keycards and Skullkeys

I noticed that Yellow/Red/Blue Key cards are the same as Yellow/Red/Blue Skull Keys.

What I am referring is that when trying to open a closed door, does not matter if your card is keycard or skullkey, if the colour matches, the door opens.

I'm a asking about hardcoding that difference, so we, mappers and Modders, don't need to mess with RTS to simulate that difference (if it is possible to "ON_CONDITION SKULL_BLUE", etc).

Isn't this a good idea?

Suggestion 2: Inventory System ala Hexen/Heretic

I did a simulated inventory system with a lot of RTS and DDF coding.

The only I need to do, and i can't, is to do a way to allow the selected object to be used. I did the inventory move left and right by using the Action1 and 2 keys, but now, i need another key to use the selected item.

All this work can be bypassed if anyone from the devel team implements an inventory system like in Hexen or Heretic.

Suggestion 3: Keyconf lump

At least that allows us to create from scratch our "ACTIONx" keys, so we don't need to keep with ACTION1 & ACTION2 configurable keys.

Suggestion 4: separated sound server for MIDI and OGG

Well, this is not much important, but on my computer, for any reason, the MIDI playback is quite loud, and even when turning it the lowest possible, i can't use headphones. I lower the music volume using the edge music volume slider, but then the OGG music is nearly mute.

Suggestion 5: play MIDI aswell as MUS

EDGE doesn't likes my MIDI songs. We need EDGE to play and love MIDI, and not only MUS.

That's all i wanted to say.
Thanks in advance 4 your good job, Andrew.[/i]


I forgot something :lol: :

MLOOK_FACE & MLOOK_TURN: actually, they do the same, or at least, i think they do the same. When it's supposed that MLOOK_TURN should only turn the ACTUAL player angle a certain amount of degrees, instead of making the player to look at the defined angle (like MLOOK_FACE does).

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