A LOD system for edge?

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A LOD system for edge?

Postby zZaRDoZz » Wed 18 Nov 2009 1:29 am

Seeing Agar's clever use of hi-res and low-res sprites got me wondering if a LOD system would be of benefit to mods using noncommercial artwork for their actors/entities.

First lets make sure I've got my terminology right. By LOD, I mean a bit of engine code that could dynamically switch between a 128 pixel sprite and a 256 pixel sprite (512?) based on player's closeness to any given sprite based object or entity.

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Postby andrewj » Wed 18 Nov 2009 4:05 am

That kind of management of video memory is really hard to do. Reminds me of the MegaTexture technology used in Rage, there is a powerpoint presentation describing how it works, very advanced stuff.

LOD is more often used for models, use a lower polygon model for further away enemies, which can be very beneficial when using lots of models. Doomsday does this with its custom DMD model format. I would implement it differently in edge, able to provide a lower-detail model (e.g. TROOMD2L instead of TROOMD2).

LOD can also be used on maps. The Cube engine can draw further away parts of the map in lower detail, thereby keeping the framerate fairly constant -- which is important for a deathmatch game. This works in Cube due to the limited map format, doing it in DOOM maps would be much much harder.

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