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Postby SGWwizard » Sat 31 Oct 2009 3:55 pm

Basically this feature would behave like a Hitscan and a Projectile wrapped all into one.

Hitscan behavior:
- Instant hit speed (as usual)
- No projectile image

Projectile behavior
- Ability to set impact (death) states, like a projectile impact.
- Ability to set projectile flags (including the new "Tunnel", for railgun fans).
- Ability to set "Per Distance" states, which would behave like a sprite frame for a projectile but be instanced every X map unit distance.

Really this is designed to create beam weapons and railguns the poor-man's way (without actually drawing a laser beam).

Essentially it behaves like the Quake 3 railgun with respect to placing a sprite every X distance (the little swirly thing) along the beam path.

It would be most useful by telling the attack to spawn a puff-like object every few map units (eg, 24). Since the attack is instantaneous, all of those puff objects would be generated at the same time, creating a beam.

You could even get snazzy with it creating 'JUMP' logic to randomize the puff frames, so that the beam has an irregular looking consistency, and they could be translucent with DLIGHT capability.

Of course, you could make it do all sorts of other wacky things too, like call 'EXPLOSIONDAMAGE' or 'SPAWN', or it could even Bounce around.
I guess certain flags might be off limits, like the revenant tracer behavior.

Without specifying anything for the map increment states, it basically just functions like a normal Shot attack, spawning a Puff at the end that you would define separately in the things.ddf.

This also solves the problem of the Really-Fast-Sprites people keep wanting to emulate, with speeds over 100.
(except for a "slow" sniper rifle that is, since this is in fact a hitscan attack essentially - but you could make it generate mostly transparent puff objects to at least reveal the shooter's location).

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