Looking for sprites and textures.

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Looking for sprites and textures.

Postby Karnizero » Mon 08 Feb 2010 3:18 pm

I'm looking for some certain sprites. I search a lot, but I found nothing. Maybe anyone of you have something.

I'm looking for:

-> Realistic Human Zombies, males and females. Not the "zombie man" or "shotgun guy". And no, I don't want the Blood zombie with the axe or the fat zombie. I need something like ripped out from Left4Dead or similar. 3D Models (md2, md3, or any other supported by EDGE) are also acceptable.

-> A scaring face texture, something like this: . Any image that looks like that, and can be used as ldef texture, may be usefull. At least 64x32.

-> High resolution futuristic metal textures. I don't want from Quake Series, nor from Half Life series or from FEAR series.

-> 3D trees models, different types of trees: with leaves, without them, grayed trees, brownish, burned out, etc...

-> High resolution wood textures, not from Quakes, half life's or FEARs. They should match as wall and as floors/ceilings.

-> High resolution sky textures, not from Doom Retexturing projects or from Risen3D, etc...

-> Wind ambience sounds. Not from Quakes, Duke3D, FEAR, Half Life, etc...

If you have something (or everything) from this list, I would thank you if you can share it.

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