BECOME and hitpoints

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BECOME and hitpoints

Postby Apophis » Tue 06 Apr 2010 2:29 pm

One limitation with the BECOME action is that when using it to change monster types, the resulting monster will always have the same hit points as the original. This can get a little annoying if you say, turn a cyberdemon into a chicken, and the resulting poultry still retains the original 4000 HP.

My suggestion is that there should be three different options for what effect using BECOME should have on a thing's hit points:
- Remain unchanged (default)
- Set the hitpoints to the starting hitpoints of the thing it's turning into.
- Retain the same health percentage. For instance, if you use BECOME to turn a baron of hell into a cacodemon, and the baron is at 60% health (i.e. 60%x1000 = 600 HP), the resulting cacodemon will be at 60% health (i.e. 60%x400 = 240 HP).

Also, another option that would be nice would be a REVERT action, to return a thing to whatever it originally was, to allow for the creation of morphing weapons which have a limited duration.

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Postby andrewj » Thu 08 Apr 2010 6:06 am

If you want to reset the health, then I suggest don't use BECOME, instead simply use SPAWN(NEWTHING) and #REMOVE on the old thing.

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