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materials lump

Postby abm87 » Sat 21 Nov 2009 2:28 pm

i've got an idea for a new usefull lump. lets name it materials or textures.

at first it will group textures(and floors):

material wood
textures (qwood1, qwood2, ...)
material metall
textures (metalfl1, qmetal3, ...)
as you see the syntax is:
material "name of
material group"
textures (list of textures and floors)

after that we may set here different puffs for different materials/weapons

puff automat1
metal: metalpuff1, metaldecal1
wood: woodpuff1, wooddecal1
stone: stonepuff1, stonedecal1

the syntax is:
puff "puff group name"
"material 1": "puffclass for this attack/puffgroup", "decal name"
and the one more usage for this lump - step and landing sounds

steps trooper
metal: metalstep1, metalland1
wood: woodstep1, woodland1

steps "stepsgroup name"
"material 1": "stepsound", "landing sound"

may be something of that like decalls may not be implemented yet, but such lump will be very usefull for realistic modifications. :)

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