Additive translucency (important!)

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Additive translucency (important!)

Postby SGWwizard » Sat 31 Oct 2009 4:37 pm

Would give sprites/models an Additive translucency effect.

There are alot of ways/algorithms to handle additive translucency, but ultimately what it does is adds the RGB values of the overlying image to the RGB values of the image (background) behind it.

This does produce a translucent effect... but more importantly the bright parts of the image will be brighter or even white.

For example, if you put translucency on a Bfg fireball, it will mix the whole image with the background, providing a ghosted effect - but it will also wash out the brighter parts of the image.

Using an Additive effect, the outer (darker) colors will appear to be translucent against the background because they add less of an RGB value... but the inner (brighter) colors will appear more solid, or even brighter if they aren't placed against a dark background.

That means White will always be White, and Black will always be whatever background color is behind the image.

It would be even better to have variable additivity, just like there is variable translucency(eg, "ADDITIVITY=45%;", but even having it as an off/on option would be great.

In Quake 3 they only had translucency, so for anything bright they had to stack several of the same image on top of each other so that it didn't get washed out. While that was fine for the Bfg10k shots, the plasma rifle shots looked muddy if you modded a bright-looking sprite for their shot.

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Postby andrewj » Sun 01 Nov 2009 9:59 am

This suggestion (and most of your other ones) are all quite reasonable suggestions.

But you need to know that I'm more-or-less retiring as the programmer for EDGE, and I probably won't be doing much work on it in the future, except maybe fixing any bugs which pop up. To put it another way: I won't be developing the engine any further, just maintaining it.

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