dead guy absorbs shots

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dead guy absorbs shots

Postby SGWwizard » Sat 31 Oct 2009 4:13 pm

For multi-shot attacks, an option to continue adding up damage from additional shots beyond what is necessary to kill an opponent.

And beyond this, a things.ddf special where enemies continue to absorb shots until they hit "MAKEDEAD" in their death states.

Currently, multi-shot attacks only inflict enough damage to kill an opponent, then any leftover shots ignore him and can hurt opponents behind.

While impressive, it gives machine-gun mowing capabilities to shotguns.

Using this option on the Supershotgun, if you fired into a group of zombie soldiers it would only damage the guys in front (probably gibbing them) rather than wipe out most of the group.

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Postby Corbin » Sat 31 Oct 2009 8:38 pm

You can also change their rate of death, all sorts of stuff in DDF. When they Makedead they don't have to be inanimate and dead - you can really play around with it.

For something like this you would just simply move their makedead farther down (or have it jump to something beyond or different from makedead, or even use Become, etc etc), or alternatively make other animation states or something to the effect. You can even go as far as make corpses shootable and absorb-able as well.

Just a few examples.

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Postby SGWwizard » Sat 31 Oct 2009 10:53 pm

But really what im talking about here is making the shot attacks stop ignoring characters before the entire series is complete.

That is, if a shotgun dishes out 7 pellets that do 10 damage on average, and a sergeant can only take 30 damage... then shooting him at point blank range will still cause him to take all 7 pellets and the other 4 will be wasted.

Just like in half life and some other games, where blowing a guy away with a shotgun doesn't affect the guy behind him, he takes all of it.

Im tired of the super shotty acting like a railgun in tight spaces (yet not gibbing people who deserve it).

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