HUB engine crashes

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HUB engine crashes

Postby Corbin » Sun 16 Jan 2011 11:28 pm

Basically, we start off on a level (E1M3), which is our main HUB. There's a few ways to branch off (either in Catacombs or a Tower).

So let's say we leave for the Tower - transitions nicely and we fight our way through it. Turns out we don't have what we need to progress, so we go back to the HUB (E1M3).

Two choices here - go to Catacombs, or if you want, go back to the Tower.

If I go to the Catacombs, the level transitions just fine, but when it leads back into the HUB on the other side, the engine crashes. If I decide to immediately turn around and go back into the Tower, the engine crashes.

I've posted my Debug.txt up on this . There's two Debug files, click on either (the one farthest down is the latest one). The first one doesn't relay an error message - the second one does.

In short, here's the error message:
ERROR: Assertion 'mo->dlnext->dlprev == mo' failed in P_UnsetThingPosition (src/

Sometimes the engine will crash without warning or error message. If you need more info I'll be happy to provide.

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Postby andrewj » Wed 19 Jan 2011 7:42 am

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