COAL and Menu bugs

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COAL and Menu bugs

Postby Karnizero » Thu 11 Feb 2010 5:58 pm

I found a bug with COAL, quite annoying: when i programm a custom COAL HUD, and put into the PWAD (with the "COALHUDS" name), it loads, but it mixes with the EDGE default, so things that are missing in the custom coal hud, are included automatically.

For example, my custom HUD, only has one status bar, no override, with it's own ammo, health, armour, ... distribution.
When running the PWAD, my custom HUD works, BUT i can also select the default EDGE status bars in the default coal_hud.

Another bug i found (not annoying) is that when i run the game from the titlescreen, if i press enter very fast (to start the new game), the main menu is shown twice, like if i had pressed "ESC" after the game started.

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