Pre WIP, HELLLSWARM!. outline for safe keeping.

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Pre WIP, HELLLSWARM!. outline for safe keeping.

Postby zZaRDoZz » Thu 23 Aug 2012 6:47 am

Some of you received this as a pm, sorry for the spam.

A modification to doom2, and a true sequel.

Concepts by Winston Branyon

Quicky desciption public:

Hellswarm is an ego shooter that takes place on the moon. It's meant as a true doom2 sequel as opposed to a re-imaging. It?s basically Damage Incorporated in space. Like the old blizard/wizard works shooter from 95, player must depend on cooperative bots to fight through the overrun levels of a secret scientific base. Player and friendly NPCs must carefully monitor power levels, conserve ammo, repair/activate the base's power supply, always progressing towards the main reactor level, the bottom level of the base.
Although initially told there were no survivors at Vista Nova, the ghostly apparitions helping along the way indicate otherwise. It also appears that the automorphs are building a new teleporter; one that will undoubtedly re-open the gateway and allowing the demon swarms of 60 years ago to return.

The Space kook from Scooby Doo...just for inspiration. Please note, he is copyrighted.

62 years...It was 62 years ago when your grandfather Taggart saved the planet from the demonic invasion. Actually he saved Mars as well, better make that 2 planets. For 6 decades the successors of UAC have kept the space Marines toned up and ready to rumble all these years. You had left the marines to join a new task force of special operators.With less than 5 years to retire, you wanted to leave the service with a better pension and a hell of a lot better stories to tell the grand kids. Time wore on, movies were made and books written. Your life was always comfortable due to royalties but you felt you couldn't quite leave the military. People were beginning to grumble about the cost. Certain politicians were making hey out of the "over-armed" issue. 62 years after the first invasion, that's when the shit hit the fan.
??? The first distress calls from a base no one had ever heard of? hit the comms- hell, that first night they even made the nightly news grids. Then came the military blackout. People working the comm centre at your base were suddenly given armed escorts too and from quarters during shift changes, they were under orders to speak with no one, not even family. It didn't matter, The exhausted, depressed looks on there faces as they walked to and from work told everyone they were captive audiences to some sort of nightly horror show. 3 days after the silence started, an official statement was released. "The marines from Base Lexington have landed. We expect news of a secure situation within 12 hours." 24 hours later and there was still no news. Instead, you got the emergency conference call at 1AM. "Emergency intel briefing in 2 hours. All of Taggart force Grey ghost will be there, the whole company will meet in the auditorium."
??? The room was full of your people in semi-dress khakis. Everyone was quite when the lights went out and the announcer took his place on stage in front of a glowing view screen.
The picture came up. It seemed to be a distant vid of a person walking on the moon, some sort of instillation? in the background.
"This came in from an intelligence drone 5 hours ago." stated the announcer matter- of- factly. "magnification 400"?
The auditorium filled with gasps.

"They're back! Those sons of bitches are back!" a young ops grunt let slip.

On the screen before everyone, an injured marine, his space helmet gone, the skin and muscles of his face tattered into a wide eyed ruin, stumbled along the moons surface, like a perpetually smiling beach comber looking for shells.?

Automorph- The main enemy. A spider like armored creature with a human face, Automorphs are genetic chimeras derived from demon, human, and extinct alien DNA, with a healthy dose of cybernetic ad-ons to help them survive the rigors of vaccuum. Starting out as drones they were developed to explore planets and asteroids without the need for a pressure suit (they make there own oxygen). In time these intelligent workers learned of their true demonic origin, causing the take over. Automorphs are eager to meet there biological parents. Don't let them. They are armed with some sort of anti plasma rail gun. Players/NPCs without shields will die in one hit, dissolving into a human shaped energy cloud as they scream.

Infektor- Sexually mature automorph. Not originally designed to breed, The Automorphs have designed their own mode of reproduction. Infektors have shed the rail antiplasma weapon for what amounts to a 8 inch long hypodermic needle. Nanites laced with Automorph derived viroids quickly spread throughout the (human)victim's tissue, quickly taking over several key organs including the brain. Brainworms will grow inside the person, turning them into an infekted soldier without medical attention. The victim will lose health (2 points every 3 seconds) until death. Any medical attention at all from a medreeps or another NPC will stop the process, curing the victim. If not, then the dead person will become an infekted soldier .

WarDrone- What can we say? The Marines were packin'. The drones are hovering bots firing light machine-gun rounds, and can fire rockets if outside. They have some armor and can take a few hits, so bring your big guns to bare.. When one of these is at more than .50 damage, it may luanch a fly-mine.

Fly-mine- arial mine that slowly havers until finding a target. These suicide bombs are equal to a granade hit. They have little damage resistance so one hit should take it out. They are quite fast and dodgy so take it out quickly.

Brain worms- the creatures are the result of an attack by infekted personnel bursting 4 days after infection. They are small and fast, but easy to kill. Their melee attack is not affected by shields.

Humanoid enemies

(Most of these will have pressure suits similar to what player/NPCs wear (re-colors?). The model will have a damage skin of a shattered face plate with an evil eyed skull behind the the mostly blown out glass. Undamaged face plates are opaque. Some humanoid enemies will have no helmets on their pressure suit or have one that's already damaged.

Infekted soldier- The marines were sent in before anyone called you and your special ops folks. They didn't win. Now hundreds of well armed infantry are under the control of the Automorphs. Treat them with extreme hostility. Usually armed with a 12-90 auto rifle, sometimes the Q7 grenade/scatter gun. Those using the scattergun can strike with the butt of their weapon, knocking player/NPC prone.
Infekted scientist. No range weapons. Will charge at high speed with an explosive satchel. Will lock/relock any doors it finds open.

shotgun minicannon- fires standard shotty rounds with equivalent spread , 1 shot every 0.5 seconds. The minigun barrels rotate constantly(no spin up) so it draws on batteries even when not fired. At range this is a poor weapon as spread means hits dolittle damage. Closein this weapon is devistating. Heavy combat class can carry 300 rounds and 18 rockets. .Heavy combat class only.

Ingram 12-90 auto rifle Fires ceramic rounds like a semi auto assult rifle.has built in rocket launcher. This is the base weapon for all classes.

UAC Q7 GPG. (grenade/ scattergun) Pump action shotgun with grenade launcher light combat class only.

221. Rutgar auto pistol. Fires 3 ceramic fragmentation shots per trigger squeeze. Altfire is one shot per squeeze with incredible accuracy, even at range. Only The light combat class carries this weapon and has never-ending-ammo for it.

AA model 102 smart mine- can tell difference between friend and foe. This weapon is only used by player.

medreeps (medical/ repair unit) Small computer interfaces with NPC's/ Players on board suit computer to determine the type of nanite repair needed. This is an item with a score?ammo? count, player can pick these up without using them and can even 'share? health repair points with damaged bots (bots can do same?)

medreep station- built into various walls within the station, these units must have power to operate, and will not work until power is restored to that level.

Health will return to full if given time. 0.2 percent every 1 seconds
There are no health/ armor bonuses in this game
Batteries- can restore suit power 5 percent per pickup.

Shields- are built into your suits and offer everything from projectile resistance to radiation blockage. Player/ NPC essentially wear a never failing nukage suit through out the game, unless shields run out of energy/become too damaged. Shields will recharge to full power if allowed to heal as long as player's/ NPC's battery is still holding a charge.

Energy. This is the moon. There are no chemical reactions in a vacuum at 200 below 0F. Ordinary bullets will not work, so every weapon uses a charge to to propel a projectile along a magnetized rail (rail gun). That means most items require power. Your suit's flywheel battery is designed to provide 1000's of watts of power continuously for weeks. During combat however, shields, life support, weapons take a toll, meaning the battery has to recharge at least once a day.

The suits are to remain on because as most of the base is depressurized, even areas that are not can be if the enemy likes to set a traps. That means a damaged suit will leak air (drowning). Suits have selfsealent built into there linings so a little damage is expected. Still the suit's safety system can be overwhelmed so a damaged player/NPC needs to get help or find a medreep station with power or use the medreep points that they've stored. Another player's NPC's points can be used if high enough to repair damage. Death by air loss is slow (1 point every 15 sec?) as a suit's automatic systems will try to isolate damaged area.

Player will command a squad of special operatives through the base. These NPCs should individually have the ability to guard an area, follow player, dodge (sidestep) enemy fire, retreat if more than .90 damaged. They will have all weapons representative of their class. Player has to have the ability to monitor NPCs health level and power supply. Player should have ability to make group commands with a drop down window or the automap.
Chatter, NPC's will have warning messages, statements reflecting health/power status, and have humor messages. NPCs will not be able to climb ladders, so player will be on own some of the time.

Classes -
heavy combat op.(slow, extremely well armed and armored, ) Cannot dodge enemy shots, can go prone to reduce hit scan. Heavy combat soldier will never back down and will fight to the death.

Light combat op. (fast, can open damaged doors, weak shields/weapons) can try to dodge/ reposition to avoid hits. Light combat class may retreat to last safe area after taking 90 percent damage.

Player class- Player has attributes of both classes, carrying the ammo of the heavy and having the tools/ speed of the light combat class except for door repair.

Player/NPC's start with all weapons at full ammo Respective of class. Would you send someone on a combat mission with nothing but a pistol? Player must have 1 surviving bot toend game.

Base will have 12-16 levels, large, interconnected by hubs (elevators). Sometimes progress will require a return to surface.


level 1 outside
Player will start a mile away from the stricken base, the drop ship pilot has disobeyed orders and refuses to risk getting into firing range. A short walk through rocky terrain for player &NPCs brings player to a wrecked ship that's been shot down. There are no items salvagible. Later player reaches the outer buildings of the base, which are extensive. 1/3 of the buildings have massive structural damage due to fighting. Other buildings are intact but have minor damage and signs of vicious combat within, bodies (automorph and human).
Several buildings will be sealed off to player, these will require keycards/codes that the player must gain by going down to the various levels. The outer area is huge, but there will be no enemy contact. This first map is strictly about atmosphere. Map will have:
1crashed drop ship found along route to base. ship is split in two.
There is no fence around base.
Main depot: Only minor damage & unlocked. Large multi story building with earth moving vehicles, hundreds of pressures suits on racks, re-supply items and other tools. Miners expanding the base came here from the underground complex b4 work. There is a main tunnel leading to level 13 wide enough for a 2 lane vehicle road and a light tram track on one side. The marines breached this door 2 days ago. It has been resealed and is impassible.
Main Hanger Undamaged, open Several drop ships have been sabotaged or scavenged. None are flyable.
5 military drop shuttles. The Marines were allowed to land before being defeated. All ships have minor damage and have been scavenged. 6 Utility buildings 1 control tower
Entrance is gained through a secondary service elevator. coolant tunnel.

Level 2 first contact
The first level is under 50 feet of solid rock. This is where the marines made their initial attack. The tunnel leading up to the main entrance is full of rocket blast damage. The rail car station is in ruins, the tram has been burned out and scavenged. There is a small hospice here

Level3 Training/ corrective area. All new arrivals to Nova vista stayed on this level for a few days of training and evaluation. The bases 20 unit jail, bank, and security station are located here.

Level 4
Level 5
Small storage area. A message from the surface is received. Player and remaining bots can return to the surface for a drop ship bringing fresh supplies and new replacement bots. As the ship departs, a anti plasma bolt destroys it .

Level 6 The sealed off area where the cut off sdientists hid in a ?safe room? like area is found. The scientists all comitted suicide before allowing the Automorphs to get to them. Before doing that however, they had their minds mapped and loaded into a backup maintenance computer. These are the sources of the ghostly (some times helpful) holograms player has been seeing.
Level 9 Living area. Huge area with space for 400 prople. Very little damage, A tree filled park with a lake, and a pond for fish. 2 bars. Apartments, artificial sun with morning, afternoon, evening and night settings. Very open, with luxury housing near the pond.

Level 13

The power level has 4 reactors, 3 of which were shut down by the scientist before the Automorphs gained control. The enemy is attempting to restore all 4 of them as all full power is required to operate the teleportation device.

Well, that's it for now. I'll update this later.

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