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Postby zZaRDoZz » Wed 15 Aug 2012 8:52 am

This is the beta tester version of Hypertension circa Dec 22 2010. Hypertension was a Blood TC discontinued in July 2011 due to various factors. Most of the Mapping was done by Fiend, with Corbin as lead dev. and main scripter. This release was made in light of the announcement by Jace Hall of the possible future release of Blood's source code in a closed source port if the companies involved will give there permission. In light of that, decided that the world should know of all the hard work sweat and yes, tears poured into this project by Corbin and the other devs. that put this together. The IWAD comes from the Freedoom project. Sprites, textures come from realm 667 and Zdoom.

This is an EDGE port game so don't try loading stuff in Zdoom based ports. Remember this is a very early beta so the game willl not run simply by loading it. .You must go to: Options>Advanced start, from there choose the second episode, *No Prayer for the dead*.


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