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EDGE Developers United

Postby Karnizero » Sun 13 Dec 2009 3:35 pm

I want to make a proposal for all EDGE Developers: the EDGE Engine Programmers (Andrew), Lobo, Corbin, or anyone who is actually programming something for EDGE, not only the EDGE Engine.

Well, the proposal is that i we can work together so we can build or create a full featured toolkit, with 100% support for EDGE Mapping & Scripting or anything useful, but oriented to EDGE editing in any aspect.
I am talking about work together so we can divide our work and each of us will work in a certain part of the suite, for example, one of us, work in the COAL Editor, other in the Docs, other in the DDF Editor, and so on.

The conclusion is that we can work together as a community project, grating better result, with less effort and less time inversion.

What do you think about?

And other thing I want to comment: I'm trying to program a EDGE Game Launcher, something like seen in Vavoom Engine, this is, something simple but functional, with a good looking interface. Initially, i will do that for Windows only, but maybe i take as a parallel development, a Linux/Mac OS version (using PureBasic).
The problem is that i don't know the list of possible parameters that can be used to launch EDGE, f.example "-map ...." or "-skill ....", "-debug..." etc...

Where can i retrieve such list of parameters?

That's all.

I forget. As information, i know Visual Basic & VB.NET, PureBasic, C++ (but not GUIs) and JAVA (although i hate JAVA).

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Re: EDGE Developers United

Postby Lobo » Wed 16 Dec 2009 8:28 pm

, Lonely Meadows TC,
, DoomP.A.L.

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